7 Successful Cloud Computing Companies In 2011

Cloud computing today is popularly accepted worldwide. Tech venture capitalists are building cloud computing businesses one after another. Tech companies that have ability to lead in 2011are listed here.

Google revolutionized how people search and research information. The search leader once again improved the way we use our office application with their Google Apps which offer web-based documents, email and calendar for small and medium companies to large organisations. Google just recently launched Google Music Beta. This is a service that will allows you store your songs online and allows instantaneous access without the need to synchronize between devices. It was recently believed that Google may be resurrecting their cloud storage project, G-Drive.

Amazon is assumed as the World’s biggest selection. We thought it is also the most impressive cloud computing companies in the world. Cloud computing, cloud storage, cloud data bank, content delivery service, payment system, monitoring – you name it. You should check Amazon.com’s AWS just in case you are interested in an outstanding cloud service provider with affordable price.

Apple’s strategy for cloud computing industry is to offer iCloud service to loyal customers. Sending the backup of photos, documents, songs, movies etc., to cloud could be more convenient than before by using iCloud. I will not be surprised if iCloud grows to be household brand. Apple without a doubt has millions of loyal customers for iDevice and iService.

Some individuals thought cloud computing may be the imminent danger to tech titan Microsoft. The tech  giant has witout a doubt maintained its prime status in the sector with Windows Azure. Though it is not yet popular as Salesforce.com’s PaaS and Amazon’s IaaS, Microsoft’s Windows Azure is definitely a aggressively improving PaaS.

Salesforce.com (NYSE: CRM) offers customer relationship management (CRM) software to business consumers. It is actually one of the best cloud computing providers offering PaaS.

Dropbox is probably one of the most successful cloud storage and backup providers. One can find many different user clients which include PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android etc to easily access Dropbox. It is incredibly convenient to store and distribute files with Dropbox client. To send and receive files to and from others is simply easy. End users can also stream music and movies from their online storage to mobile Dropbox clients including iPhone and iPad. Dropbox generously offer 2GB storage to free accounts, then again people who recommend others to join Dropbox can obtain up to 8GB absolutely free. In case you buy $9.99/month membership, you will have 50 Gigabytes of storage space. Dropbox also promotes 100 GB plan as well as large storage subscription.

Box.net is known as content delivery and online storage company. Box.net  provides 5 GB to free user, whilst the rival Dropbox gives you only 2 Gigabytes. Nevertheless Dropbox’s customers could get up to 8 Gigabytes free should they refer other people to sign up Dropbox. 500 Gigabytes of web storage costs $15/month in Box.net whilst Dropbox costs $9.99 just for 50 Gigabytes. That is a key factor to consider. But Dropbox has larger selection of client software – Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry etc.


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